Water-jet technology uses an ultra-high pressure stream of water, forced through a cutting nozzle, to cut through nearly any type of material. Ultra-high water (only) pressure can cut softer materials such as foam and paper. When an abrasive agent, such as crushed garnet is added to the ultra-high pressure stream, hard materials such as stone, marble, granite, steel and titanium can be cut with a perfectly smooth edge.

Virtually any shape or design can be cut with high-pressure water-jet technology. Thin details, simple and larger block designs or holes bored through titanium all lend themselves easily to the computer-controlled abrasive water-jet cutting process. Finished edges are smooth with little or no need for further finishing.

Because the process uses cold water there is no heat distortion or mechanical stress on finished pieces.

In memoriam
Michael B Morgan 1976 – 2020

Michael was an integral part of Perfect Edge for many years.  He was instrumental in the growth an progress we have experienced in the 22 years we have been in business.  He was a consummate professional and was a joy to work with.  He left this world way too soon and will be missed.

Flooring Inlays

Imagine the exquisite details of your design, logo or coat of arms made of solid stone inlaid into your floor! Radius work is a specialty of Perfect Edge. Flooring jobs range from inlays to an entire commercial flooring project, such as a mall.

Commercial Signage

Any design can be cut with water-jet technology. Drop, Letters Or Logo For Your Commercial Business. And Best Of All, Just About Any Material Can Be Cut To Your Specification, Including Metals, Stone, Marble, Plastics, Vinyls, Or Wood.

Architectural Applications

Perfect Edge has experience in multiple substrates to cut nearly any design. What better way to promote a distinct theme or business motto, for restaurants to parking lots, for outdoor signage to entry gates, for flooring to institutional logos!

Industrial Applications

Applications such as sprockets, gaskets, flywheels, flanges are some uses for waterjet cutting. Other examples include automotive applications, tooling applications and a multitude of other industrial uses.

Water Jet Cutting

Uses a high velocity stream of abrasive suspended in a stream of Ultra High Pressure Water (30,000 - 90,000 psi) which is produced by a Waterjet Intensifier Pump.

It uses a large array of materials, including heat-sensitive, delicate or very hard materials.

Produces no heat damage to work piece surface or edges.

Produces a taper of less than 1 degree on most cuts, which can be reduced or eliminiated entirely by slowing down the cut process of using a dynamic waterjet head.