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Advantages of Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Water-jet cutting by Perfect Edge offers distinct advantages over other cutting technologies.

  • No heat input means no burning or heat-affected zone as with laser cutting
  • Changing materials is handled by a change in cutting speed – not by changing complex process parameters such as gases or optics
  • Dynamic water-jet cutting provides nearly the same accuracy as wire EDM at a fraction of the cost and speed
  • Abrasive water-jet has a lower cost than milling and holes can be cut in one pass
  • Abrasive water-jet cutting leaves no dross, eliminating the need for secondary operations
  • Parts can be closely nested during cutting, saving time and material costs
  • Water-jets can make very thin, intricate cuts. The width of the cuts is about 0.06″ for abrasive water-jet cutting and 0.007″ for water only cutting

A Full Complement of CAD Capabilities

Perfect Edge offers full Computer Aided Design services to complement the water-jet cutting process. Perfect Edge can put the customer’s design idea into a format easily transferable to the water-jet software used to control the cutting process. If the desired design is not already in one of the following formats, a new drawing will be generated for a nominal charge:

  • AutoCAD 2010 (or earlier)(.dfx or .dwg files)
  • Adobe Illustrator Version 7 (or earlier)
  • .eps
  • .pdf
  • .jpg

Flooring Inlays

Imagine the exquisite details of your design, logo or coat of arms made of solid stone inlaid into your floor! Radius work is a specialty of Perfect Edge. Flooring jobs range from inlays to an entire commercial flooring project, such as a mall.

Commercial Signage

Any design can be cut with water-jet technology. Drop, Letters Or Logo For Your Commercial Business. And Best Of All, Just About Any Material Can Be Cut To Your Specification, Including Metals, Stone, Marble, Plastics, Vinyls, Or Wood.

Architectural Applications

Perfect Edge has experience in multiple substrates to cut nearly any design. What better way to promote a distinct theme or business motto, for restaurants to parking lots, for outdoor signage to entry gates, for flooring to institutional logos!

Industrial Applications

Applications such as sprockets, gaskets, flywheels, flanges are some uses for waterjet cutting. Other examples include automotive applications, tooling applications and a multitude of other industrial uses.